On May 23, the Board of Education of Sandwich CUSD #430 honored faculty and staff members throughout the district who have served the students, parents and community of Sandwich for at least ten years.

The SHS student council was instrumental in the planning and set-up of the evening's program and the SHS jazz band provided the entertainment for the evening.

Superintendent of Schools, Rick Schmitt, welcomed those in attendance and said, "This is a perfect time to recognize and show appreciation for the many years of dedicated service the staff has provided to the Sandwich learning community as tonight, we are honoring 53 members of our professional team who collectively have accumulated over 770 years of service toward teaching and learning." Schmitt went on to say, "It is important that we recognize and celebrate the service our staff has provided to the Sandwich learning community. Although many demands are placed on school personnel that can create challenges in the classroom and for our District, our loyal staff remains committed and gives their all on a daily basis."

Rick Schmitt's address to staff

Board President, Dale Hamilton presented service awards on behalf of the District. Hamilton said, "School Districts are the backbone of every community and we have our entire staff and administration to thank for all they do for our students and for our community." Hamilton went onto say, "Sandwich is a great place to live and raise a family and over the years, our student body has benefited greatly from the 770 plus years of service this group of professionals provided over the years."

Dale Hamilton's address to staff

During the program, the following staff members were presented service awards:


10 Years - 2006

Bryanne Callahan

Kristie Cervantes

John Devine

Fred Enck

Jessica Gale

Deb Heinekamp

Pam Hernandez

Beckie Hoag

Robin Huhn

Alison Kurtz

Jane Latham

Vida Martin

Josh McCarty

Laura Moline

William (Skip) Rogers

Sarah Rogowski

Virginia (Ginny) Sherman

Ellen Siebert

Lani Tocheck

Elizabeth (Beth) Volpp

Katherine Waldvogel

15 Years - 2001

Coleen Bryl

Becky Cantrell

Kristian Cassie

Shane Connell

Barbara Dupasquier

Roseann Elliott

Kari Frantzen

Jacquie Futrell

Tim Gipe

Carol Gowdy

Judith Hachmeister

Jerilyn Johnson

Diane Karpus

Erin Kolb

Amy Kummer

Katherine Mauntel

Jamee McCleskey

Kris Sellers

Kathleen Tirevold

Elizabeth Trost

Juley Warner

Monica Winckler

20 Years - 1996

Mary Jankowski

Donna Ricci

25 Years - 1991

Marta Dunne

Peg Hill

Cara Killey

30 Years - 1986

Beth Butler

Steve Kurtz


Karin Carlson - 26 years

Diana Dacy - 18 years

Peg Hill - 25 years

Joe Polera - 37 years