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Prairie View Library Super Heroes

Hello, I am the school librarian, Mrs. Kurtz, and this year our theme is - "Learning Is Our Superpower!" Using a school-wide theme allows us to motivate and inspire spirit and achievement. In the school Learning Center I energized the space with superhero props that were made during summer break. "Look up!" - It's a bird, it's a plane, no, it's our Superhero Teachers! Each grade level chose a superhero character to represent their classroom and I used those characters and a photo of each teacher to create posters that hang from the ceiling in our library. The children are thrilled to come to the library and read while sitting in our Reading Bat Mobiles or cozy up with their book in our Bat Cave. With this exciting environment and over 7,000 books to choose from our students have the opportunity to spark a love of reading!



Prairie View Library SpidermanPrairie View Library Incredible Hulk