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Consumer and Technical Education Department

Consumer Ed: Mr. Johnson - Email Address: (Department Chair)
Family Living: Mrs. Wiskur - Email Address:
Driver's Ed: Mr. Montgomery - Email Address:

Career and Technical Education Philosophy
The Vocational Education Department is to develop occupational knowledge, attitudes, and skills for students to perform at the entry level of a job and to continue their studies in advanced course work. The exploration of job of job opportunities and career orientation will allow a student to choose a job in the business and technological world. An understanding of the nation's economic system and the development of personal use skills are keys to being successful in society and in the world.

The Philosophy of the Driver Education Department is to improve the quality of human decision making and task performance as they relate to the highway transportation system. We feel this should be done in a manner conducive to encouraging continued improvement which will be achieved by enhancing driver performance capabilities, developing knowledge and thought processes, and instilling safe driving values and good judgment into the students. We also believe that driver education is a means by which the community can and should gain new and competent drivers; one's which will be an asset to the community.