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Welcome to the Board of Education Meeting
We welcome you to this meeting of the Sandwich CUSD #430 Board of Education. At these meetings, the Board discusses options and sets policy and direction.

Sandwich CUSD #430 serves approximately 2,100 students. Board members are elected at large from throughout the school district.

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Responsibilities of the Board of Education?
The Board of Education is responsible for determining the policies which guide the operation of School District #430. Specific responsibilities include:
- Approval of courses of study and textbooks;
- Adoption of an annual budget;
- Construction, furnishing, and maintenance of facilities; and
- Employment of Personnel

Board members are elected to staggered four-year terms in April of odd-numbered years. As public servants, they spend many hours on school business. They are not paid for their time or services.

Meeting Outline
The monthly business meetings begin at 7:30 p.m. with items of greatest public interest such as individual recognitions, public hearings, comments from the audience, curriculum presentations, and official action on items.

Discussions of topics for future Board meetings are in the latter segment of the agenda under the heading Other Business or Setting of Future Meetings.

For more detailed definitions of the Board of Education meeting components, see the glossary terms in the back of this booklet.

Meet the Members of the Board of Education

Robert Miller
Mr. Miller is Executive Vice President at Lyon, LLC. Mr. Miller was elected to the Board of Education in 2019.

Leroy Schroeder
Mr. Schroeder is Financial Manager at Plus, LLP. Mr. Schroeder was elected to the Board of Education in 2017.

Lisa Saitta
Ms. Saitta is self employed and volunteers throughout the community. Ms. Saitta was elected to the Board of Education in 2019.

Dr. Erik Englehart
Dr. Englehart is a practicing physician and serves on various boards. Dr. Englehart was elected to the Board of Education in 2017.

John Morse
Mr. Morse is a retired first responder. Mr. Morse was elected to the Board of Education in 2021.

Vicki Scharenberg
Mrs. Scharenberg is a real estate agent. She was elected to the Board of Education in 2019.

Thomas Wilson
Mr. Wilson is a senior manager for Accenture LLP. Mr. Wilson was elected to the Board of Education in 2019.

Rick Schmitt
Superintendent of Schools
Mr. Schmitt sits at the Board table with the members of the Board of Education and serves as a resource person to the Board of Education but does not vote.

Speaking During Board Meetings
The Board of Education welcomes public comment at each regularly scheduled meeting under the Audience to Visitors Public Comment & Communication portion of the agenda.

Each person who wishes to speak must sign up prior to the start of the meeting with the recording secretary. Comments should be limited to 5 minutes. Comments should be in good taste and demonstrate consideration for others. Comments regarding specific individuals are inappropriate.

Although the Board of Education meeting is a meeting in public, it is not a public meeting. Proper etiquette throughout the regular meeting would be to remain silent while the Board discusses its business.

Who to Contact
While members of the public are welcome to speak to the Board of Education, please keep in mind that the Board of Education recognizes other channels available to individuals who have a question or concern.

A classroom question or concern should be discussed with the classroom teacher. If the issue is not resolved at the classroom level, the issue may be brought to the attention of the principal.

A school-level questions or concern should be discussed with the principal. If the issue is not resolved at the school level, the issue may be brought to the attention of the superintendent.

A district-wide question or concern should be discussed with the superintendent. If the issue is not resolved, the issue may be brought to the attention of the full Board of Education.

Glossary of Common Terms

Education like any profession has a specialized vocabulary. Here is a list of terms and acronyms which are commonly used at Board of Education meetings:

Agenda - The agenda is an outline of what is to be discussed at that evening's meeting. Copies of the agenda are mailed in advance to the news media and are available to the public at the Board meeting.

Bids - Because Sandwich CUSD #430 is a public body, most major purchases of goods and services are subject to a bidding process specified by law. The administration coordinates the bidding process and makes recommendations to the Board of Education regarding which bid should be accepted.

Closed Session - During a Closed Session, Board members can discuss only specific topics as defined by the Illinois Open Meetings Act. Personnel actions and student discipline situations are among the items which can be discussed during Closed Session. 

Cognia  (formally AdvancED) is the school improvement process Sandwich CUSD #430 implements.

Collective Bargaining
- The process of negotiations between the school district and its various employee groups. 

Committee Meetings - Meeting held where various areas of interest are discussed such as Academics, Budget & Finance, and Buildings & Grounds. Committee meetings are work sessions where public input is sought. All interested parties are welcome to participate in committee meetings. 

ESSA – Every Student Succeeds Act

IASB - The Illinois Association of School Boards is a voluntary association of school boards. Membership is open to all school districts in Illinois of which Sandwich CUSD #430 is a member. 

IESA - Sandwich Middle School belongs to the Illinois Elementary School Association. IESA coordinates statewide competition in extra-curricular activities including athletics.

IHSA - Sandwich High School belongs to the Illinois High School Association. IHSA coordinates statewide competition in extra-curricular activities including fine arts and athletics.

IMRF - Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund 

IVVC - Indian Valley Vocational Center 

Minutes - The minutes are a written record of discussions held at each meeting as recorded by the Recording Secretary. Minutes of Committee Meetings and Regular Meetings are public documents and may be inspected during normal business hours through prior arrangement with the office of the Superintendent (815) 786-2187. 

O&M - This refers to Operations and Maintenance

Policy - A policy is a formal statement of principles established by the Board of Education to provide guidance to the administration regarding the operation of the district.

Public Hearing - A Public Hearing is a formal opportunity for the Board to receive public opinion on various subjects that may eventually require board action. 

Public Comment - Public Comment is entertained during each regularly scheduled meeting. For details, see the section of this brochure entitled "When can I speak during Board meetings?" 

Regular Meeting - District #430 Board of Education meetings generally have three components: Closed Session (see separate glossary entry) Committee Meetings (see separate glossary entry) and the Regular Meeting. Public comment is entertained during the Regular and Committee Meetings. Actions taken at the Regular Meeting are based on items which generally have been discussed during a previous Committee Meeting. 

Resolution - A Resolution is a formal statement which specifies a course of action that is determined, decided, and adopted by the board. 

ROE - Regional Office of Education 

SCTA - Sandwich Classroom Teachers Association represents District #430 teachers.

SEE - Sandwich Educational Employees org. represents aides, custodial, secretarial, and transportation employees in District 430. 

SIP - School Improvement Planning
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